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You all should know that Holi 2019 is a festival of colors of life. Holi is the only festival in India which gives us a message of unity. We Indians celebrate Holi with our loved ones and family and friends, Wishes are the most important in our life. If you all are looking for the latest collection of Happy Holi images 2019 then you are on a very right page. Also, you all can check Happy Holi Wishes 2019, Happy Holi Messages 2019, and Happy Holi Wallpapers 2019.

Also, we are about to make sure that you all can get all the latest Happy Holi SMS, Messages, Shayari, and If you are searching wishes for sending to your friends to the Holi wishes, Happy Holi Images, Happy Holi Greetings 2019, Happy Holi Gifs 2019 are given here. We give wishes to our friends, family, and lovers. So you wanted the best message to share Happy Holi wishes 2019 so you are on the right website we share best Happy Holi wishes Shayari, Happy Holi Pictures 2019 and many more to share with you. You can get all the updates of Happy Holi images 2019.

Happy Holi Images 2019

This day people use to drink bhang and jamalgota and celebrate this beautiful festival called Holi in india. We play Holi using colors throwing each other faces and wish them happy Holi wishes. Now you have an option called whatsapp to wish Happy Holi wishes to your friends and family. On our website we have best shayari of Holi, Happy Holi images 2019, Happy Holi greetings, Holi quotes, Holi Gifs, Holi messages to share with your family, and friends.

Happy Holi images 2019-

We all know Holi is a Hindu spring festival that originating from India, celebrated predominantly in INDIA but has also spread to Nepal and many other western countries. The arrival of spring, end of winter, and for many a festive day to meet others, play and laugh, forget and forgive, and repair broken relationships. Well we have the best Happy Holi images 2019 collection to share with you. We all know that Happy Holi coming on 20 March 2019 and we are ready to share best Holi images 2019.


Happy Holi 2019

Happy Holi Quotes 2019-

We have made a beautiful collection of Happy Holi wishes and Happy Holi quotes which you can send to your friend and family. On this upcoming Happy Holi Quotes 2019 . Also you have to know how to say Happy Holi 2019 is here.

Happy Holi Images 2019

  • Enjoy every colour of Holi and u will get every happiness u desire. Hey, God is always with you. Enjoy every moment. Happy Holi!!
  • Bright colors, water balloons, lavish gujiyas and melodious songs are the ingredients of perfect Holi. Wish you a very happy and prosperous Holi.

Famous Quote of holi 2019 is “ bura na mano holi hai”

Happy Holi shayari 2019-

We all know the festival of Happy Holi signifies the victory of good over evil. Holi 2019 is the festival to meet your old friends once again they will surely enjoy with you. You also have to wish them on social platform like Happy Holi Shayari for Whatsapp and Facebook are given here. You should give everyone the Happy Holi wishes 2019 to everyone.

Happy Holi Images 2019

The Holi festival is about to come soon and you may be looking for best wishes for sending to your friends on this colourful festival. So we brought to you a fabulous collection of Happy Holi Shayari 2019. Enjoy the huge collection of Happy Holi shayri to share with your loved ones, friends and family by sending those Messages via Social Networking sites.

Happy Holi Messages 2019-

We all celebrate Holi and send Happy Holi messages to our loving peoples, friends, and family. So we are decided to give you the best Holi messages 2019 to share with your friends and make your Holi messages different from other. And make your Holi messages special to your friends and family.

Happy Holi Images 2019

Happy Holi Gifs 2019-

So we are in the age of technology and we all have smartphones to share wishes of every festival like Happy Holi messages 2019 now you have better option to send happy Holi wishes in different style now you can send your Happy Holi Messages in Gifs. Gif’s looks great and makes your Happy Holi wishes special and not forgettable. We have better collections of Happy Holi Gifs 2019, Happy Holi pictures Gifs 2019, Happy Holi messages, Happy Holi sms 2019  that you can share with your friends and family and they will love it .

Happy Holi Messages in Hindi 2019-

Holi is one of major festival of India and is the most vibrant of all. The joys of Holi know no bound. The legend of Radha and Krishna is closely linked with this tradition of colors on Holi. Young Krishna, who had a dark complexion, was jealous of his beloved Radha’s extremely fair skin. In a mischievous mood, he applied color on Radha’s face. Following this ancient legend, lovers till date long to color their beloved as an expression of love.

Happy Holi Images 2019

And we know that if our of Happy Holi wishes in Hindi than its great to send our family and friends and they also love Holi wishes in Hindi 2019. So don’t miss that chance and be the one and send your Happy Holi wishes in Hindi to your friends and family . Choose best Happy Holi wishes in Hindi of our best Happy Holi wishes 2019 collection.

Happy Holi messages in Telugu-

Holi is great festival but in south India celebrations are not grand as north India. Yet, what is particularly noticeable in Andhra Pradesh as in other Dravidian states is the heightened feeling of communal harmony. Here too, people participate in merry making. Besides, in the evening, youngsters play with dry colours and seek elders’ blessings by putting gulal and abeer on the feet of the elders.

Happy Holi Images 2019

The Banjara tribes of Andhra Pradesh celebrate Holi in their own way. Graceful dances are performed by the colourful Banjara gypsies. We have better collections of Holi messages in Telugu which can make your Holi 2019 the best Holi ever.

Holi messages in Kannada-   

The story behind Kaamana Habba 2019 (Holi name in Karnataka) goes like this. Kaama means desires, the main impediment for our progress on the path of spirituality. Once Lord Shiva was in samadhi and all the Devas felt threatened. They somehow wanted to stop him from becoming all powerful. So, they send Manmatha and Rathi to disturb His samadhi by their sensual song and dance. Lord shiva gets angry at this impudence and opens his third eye. Manmatha who symbolises Kaama is burnt to ashes immediately. It probably means with awareness all of us can destroy desires.

However, the story goes that Rathi implores lord shiva to restore her husband to her which He does but with one condition, that he will be physically available and visible only to Rathi. Manmatha pervades everyone even today and for ages to come but he is not visible, ‘ ananga’ , formless. As Sadhaks we must watch out on this day whether our kaamanas are an impediment; if found yes, burn them in the fire of knowledge.Kaamana Habba was celebrated in an unique way in Mysore.

Happy Holi Images 2019

Custom had it that boys should ‘steal’ logs and cow dung cakes from neighbours during the day. The girls stayed home helping mothers make holige which would be offered to Kamadeva in a big agnikund. The boys would have all the fun in the evening by setting the ‘ stolen goods’ to fire and dance around it singing ‘kaamana  kattige, Bheemana berani’! All in all, it was a Boys Day Out and I remember being envious of my younger brother. So we have great collection of Holi messages in Kannada 2019 and you can also check happy holi images 2019 for great quality Happy Holi images

Happy Holi wishes in Malayalam-

Though it’s celebrated in certain places in Ernakulum and Kochi, the vibrancy of the festival is not the same as in north. It’s mainly confined to the Mattancherry, Kadavanthra, Thevara and port, naval areas where the north Indians live in large numbers. We have a great collection of happy holi wishes in Malayalam which make your Holi memorable .

Holi wishes in Punjabi 2019-

Holi is celebrated with great fervour and eagerness in the northon states of India.  The festival of colors and love is also known as Hola Mohalla in Punjab where people not only spend the propitious day by playing with colors and water balloons but also by exhibiting martial arts which includes Kushti, archery, sword fencing, fancy horse-riding, tent-pegging. From enjoying the mouth-watering sweets like gujias, malpura, halwas, and laddoos to energetic dancing on the drum or dhol beats, the day is thoroughly enjoyed by the Sikhs.

Happy Holi Images 2019

If you are in another country or city and missing the fun of Happy HOLI , Make sure your love through our latest collection of Happy  Holi messages and wishes in Punjabi 2019 , Happy Holi wishes in Punjabi 2019 , Happy Holi images  2019 , and greetings, SMS, Facebook posts with your family and friends along with a surprise visit will surely make it a memorable one!

Holi Messages in Tamil-

So guys we have most attractive collection of happy holi wishes in Tamil  which gives you a best arrangement of holi messages in Tamil so you can choose the best one Holi wish  in Tamil and send it to your loves ones and friends.

Happy Holi in the USA 2019-

Holi as long traditional links with several legends. According to one popular legend, the word Holi is derived from the demoness, Holika. She was the sister of Hiranya Kashipu (the name meaning love of gold and a soft bed), a demon king, who having defeated the gods, proclaimed his supremacy over everyone else in the Universe. Enraged over his son’s ardent devotion to Lord Vishnu, Hiranya Kashipu decides to punish him.

He takes the help of his sister, Holika, who is immune to any damage from fire. Holika carries the small boy Prahlad into the fire but a divine intervention destroys her and saves Prahlad from getting burned. Thus Holi is celebrated to mark the burning of the evil Holika. Her effigy is consumed in the fire! Holi is celebrated in USA in a traditional way in USA people celebrate holi as they are celebrate in India.

We have surprise for we have some special wishes to send your Indian and your USA friends .we have a great collection of happy Holi wishes 2019 and you can choose your favourite wishes from our happy Holi message 2019 collection.

Happy Holi in the United Kingdom-

Hindus settled in United Kingdom do not miss out the pleasure of Holi celebrations. Enthusiasm for the festival is mostly marked in this country as Indians represent the second largest ethnic minority. Celebrating festivals help them to feel close to their families and cultural roots.

The celebration of Holi is noticeable at places that witness a large assembly of Indians. The British city of Leicester is particularly known for its love for celebrating Indian festivals. Excitement reaches its peak when the occasion is that of celebrating a joyous festival like Holi.

Children love to use their spray cans and colour each other. Holi parades are also carried and in the evening people visit their friends and relatives to exchange greetings and sweets. They hug each other and also apply the tilak as the meet Holi in a traditional manner.

Happy Holi in Australia-

In Australia people used to play Holi like they are celebrate Holi in India. Generally known as the festival of colours, Holi is celebrated throughout the world by the Hindu community as welcome gesticulation to the calming season of spring. The celebration kicks off on the full moon of the Phalgun Purnima when the bonfire of lighted and on the following day range of colours can been seen on the stress in the household and everywhere.

The Indian Diaspora, at long distance from their home, find Holi a way of keeping connected to their homeland, to the traditional values of their homeland India. Through this festival of colours and friendship, many inculcate the values into the minds of their children, which their motherland has educated them. Not only Holi is a festival of colours but it also gives us an occasion to organize get together sharing the cultural morals of our fellow Indian.

Happy Chothi Holi 2019-

The Hindu religion believes it to be a festival when one can wash off all their sins and start a fresh with an altogether novel way of thinking. It acts as a tool to let go of all the resentments and grievances cleaning up the souls and preparing us for to face bravely all the hurdles that may happen in the way of achieving our goals with an optimistic frame of mind. The enthusiasm can be seen on the streets of Australia visually by looking at the paintings of rainbow of colours.

Several events are organized all over in Australia where people play with non-toxic colours. Most of the people on this day dress themselves up in white traditional clothes and attend the party or events where they throw colours on each other. Melbourne specifically organizes for the Holi festival event which is the best way for the Indians to quench their desire to be wet in multi colours.

Holi in Australia Images 2019-

The festival here in Australia is an opportunity for the people of Australia to grow deeper their understanding of the Hindu religion which is a way of giving a warm welcome to the season of spring and saying good bye to the darkness of the winters. The festival is an opportunity for Australians to promise to themselves to always be successful over the evil with their own good.

Holi is a festival when people can extend warm wishes to each other and bring their loves ones closer inculcating the spirit of friendship and fun. People get to understand about the background of each other in a society where in people from diverse culture live together.

Holi in Canada-

Large number of Indian populations populate in  Canada , the celebration of the festival of Holi is very common. Last year in 2018, not only it was celebrated by the residents but the year witnessed an unusual festive mood on Holi, when the parliamentarian complex of Canada celebrated the festival for the first time in which assortments of members of the parliament joined the celebration. The members from the Indo-Canadian community specifically participated to honour this festival of celebration.

The event was an initiative of a liberal MP, Chandra Arya, who has his roots from Karnataka, was organized in collaboration with the High commission of India and almost 300 people took part in the celebration. The place was blown up with visuals of Holi and the guests on their arrival were welcomed with the colours of Holi. The PM of Canada Justin Trudeau gave to the people a message of friendship and peace and positive the traditional notion of the victory of good over the evil. Every year, Canada witnesses something new during the celebration of Holi.

Canada Holi Images 2019-

Holi is a fest of colours is an Indian traditional festival which is celebrated by the Indian Diaspora around the world in their own innovative way with a touch of the traditions and customs associated with the celebration of Holi. The festival is not only celebrated by Indians residing in different parts of the world but there are people of other countries who have time and again participated in the huge celebration of Holi. The festival comes with the arrival of the spring and with the end of the darkness of the winters. The nature brings a feeling of happiness with the arrival of Holi. People on this day throw away all their worries and let them blow with the air and hold new changes in their lives for a better way of living. The festival is equally celebrated with the Indians residing in Canada.

Every nook and corner of the country where the people of India reside gets tinted with colourful sights. Be it the younger generation or the section of some older people, they all get covered with vibrant colours of green, yellow, red, silver and black. Small groups of people can be seen dancing and singing on the streets, hurling colours on each other. The festival gives an opportunity to learn the love that blossoms between Lord Krishna and his beloved Radha, which symbolises that theses colours can blend love in our relationships. The noise and colourful entertainment associated with the celebration of Holi acts as witness to feeling of brotherhood and a sense of oneness. The festival of Holi brings with itself harmony and a feeling of being at home for the people living in Canada.

Holi in Nepal-

The night before Holi starts with bonfires which are lit right on the city streets. If you are in Nepal you won’t see this so much but if you happen to be in Mumbai or some cities in India these are quite common and quite impressive and some estimates that over 30,000 fires burn across India lighting up the night sky in anticipation of this event. I remember one time taking off on an airplane from Mumbai and seeing the impressive site of all the fires in the streets below and smoke rising from the city. The fire is lit to celebrate the death of Holika a demoness who is said to have been killed by being thrown in a bonfire.

The main event is the next day when people who “play” Holi pain each other’s faces and bodies with colored powder or throw colored water at each other from buckets and water balloons. Its all in good fun and almost everyone finds themselves participating one way or the other.

Unlike many of the Hindu holidays there is no religious requirements or prayers and it’s a day set aside purely for fun. If you want to participate make sure to buy some of the dried color powders or you can arm yourself a water spray gun called a pichkaris. Adults typically don a white kurta and carry some of the dried powder called gulal to smear on others faces. Foreigners as well as locals both enjoy the activity as all the cultures come together to celebrate.

Holi Wishes Photos Pictures & Wallpapers-

The traditional consumption of bhang (marijuana) is generally accepted and typically mixed with a lassai which consists of a green paste derived from the plant mixed with milk and ghee along with the addition of spices.  In northern India this can actually be found in special shops that are supervised by the government.  Another Holi favorite is Gujhiya a sweet made of dried milk powder and crushed nuts.

If you want to enjoy Holi its best to get out and see the activities between 10am and 3pm in the afternoon.  As you walk the narrow streets of Kathmandu make sure to look out above you for the dropping of water balloons and buckets of cold colored water coming down. Pretty much anyone outside on Holi is considered as playing so make sure you wear some clothes you wont mind if they get dirty. Also if you are carrying a camera it’s advisable to keep it in a waterproof bag.

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